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Water, water, every where

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waterlogged lettuce seedlings

waterlogged lettuce seedlings

Half term this week and one of the perennial problems with school gardening clubs is what to do about watering in the holidays.  Particularly pertinent at the moment as we’re still officially in drought in London.

Worried that all the pots and containers would dry out during the half term break, I bundled them into my car and brought them home.  2 window boxes of lettuce seedlings, 1 of radish, a tray of sunflowers and 40 small pots of herb seeds sown just days before half term (with hindsight, not great timing).

And the irony is that it has barely stopped raining since I got them home.  So, five days in, I’ve not watered anything.  In fact, the only useful thing I’ve done is decant water from the lettuce seedlings – the container’s drainage holes were blocked and I didn’t want the seedlings to drown 🙂


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