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Newspaper plant pots

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recycled newspaper plant pot

newspaper pot with lettuce seedlings

Ooooooh, we do love a bit of recycling.  And what better recycling project than these little pots for seedlings, made entirely from newspaper?  No glue, no sellotape, no string, no staples.

And when the seedlings are ready to be planted out, plant the pot too and it will biodegrade nicely with no rubbish left to throw away.

We made ours with a wooden paper potter but you can easily use a glass, jar or tin can if you don’t own one of these.

Here’s what we did:


newspaper pot instructions 1 annotated

newspaper pot instructions 2 annotated

newspaper pot instructions 3 annotated

newspaper pot instructions 4 annotated

newspaper pot instructions 5 annotated

For a pot 4cm tall (ideal for lettuce seedlings) we cut strips of newspaper 8cm deep by 57cm wide, the entire width of the newspaper.  This allowed 4cm for the overlapping edges which form the base of the pot.

For taller 8cm pots (ideal for bean seedlings) we cut strips 12cm deep i.e. 8cm for the pot height and 4cm for the overlap.

Best to place your pots on a small tray before watering, nice and close together so they provide some support for each other.

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