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Lost and Found – Sunflower Seeds


sunflower seedhead

Our garden is full of squirrels at the moment, all busy digging and burying food for the winter ahead.  And in the depths of winter when they return they’ll probably forget where they buried their treasure and dig up even more of the garden in their frantic search.

A bit like the squirrels, we brought this sunflower seedhead back from the allotment several weeks ago, put it in a safe place (the shed) and promptly forgot about it.  It was only when we were searching for a plant pot earlier today that we stumbled across it.

But unlike the squirrels, this one isn’t destined for food.  We left most of the sunflower seeds at the allotment for the birds, so this one is for us and we’ll save the seed to plant next year.

Which means it’s a great excuse to get making some fabulous seed packets – watch this space, details coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Lost and Found – Sunflower Seeds

  1. Gorgeous photos and fun ideas!

  2. Many thanks for the kind comments Tuckshop Gardner. Much as I’d like to take credit for the photos, most of them were taken by my husband – I’m much better at gardening than I am at taking photos!

  3. The patterns of the sunflower seed-head is enchanting, don’t you think?

    • I agree Carolyn, I’m a bit reluctant to pull the seeds off because it feels like ruining a work of art! I think the arrangement of the seeds is supposed to be a good example of the Fibonacci series in nature. Loved looking at all the snowy photos on your blog – still sunny and warm here in London but fingers crossed it may snow this year.

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