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Farewell January, hello February


painted ladybird pebblesSo January is finally over, the bleakest month of the year apparently.

But we quite like January. It has its highlights; snow, sunny days with clear blue skies and the fact that you can hibernate without guilt after 4pm because it’s getting dark.

In fact the only problem I have with January is finding indoor activities for school gardening club when we can’t go outside because a) snow is covering the ground, or b) it’s raining, or c) it’s icy.

The “emergency indoor gardening list” has gradually expanded over the years and includes

And the latest addition to the list is turning pebbles into ladybirds to use as decorations for the garden.  If you’re crafty you can even sneak in some educational bits without anyone realising – ladybird anatomy and the useful role of ladybirds in the garden.

Read on for step-by-step instructions.

You will need:

 needed for painted ladybird pebbles
We used acrylic paint because our ladybirds are destined to live outside in the garden.  If your paint is likely to wash off you’ll need to varnish the finished ladybirds.

painted ladybird pebbles step 1
Let this dry before you move to the next stage.

painted ladybird pebbles step 2

painted ladybird pebbles step 3

And when the paint on the head has dried:

painted ladybird pebbles step 4

If you like, you can paint the underside of your ladybird once the top is completely dry.

The Field Studies Council publishes a leaflet on ladybirds found in the British Isles, which is really good value – see here for details.  You can see this in the background of the photograph of ‘materials needed’ above.


3 thoughts on “Farewell January, hello February

  1. I love the ladybirds, I think ill do that with my children, maybe with stick on googly eyes

    • Stick on googly eyes… now that’s a good idea. And we happen to have half a ton of those in the cupboard 🙂

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