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Thyme for Mother’s Day

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thyme mother's day gift

And in the very best Blue Peter tradition: here’s one I made earlier.

Just to be clear, I don’t normally make Mother’s Day gifts for myself. This pot of thyme was a prototype for a school gardening club session. And as I asked one of my daughters to write the gift tag, she decided I may as well have it on Mother’s Day.

So the school gardening session went well. There was a bit of gardening (repotting a plant into a larger pot), a spot of spelling (thyme not time on the plant label) and some life skills too (tying a bow, by far the hardest part – I blame velcro shoe fastenings).

And now I’m sat here on Mother’s Day wearing a handmade bracelet, eating home baked cookies with ENORMOUS chunks of chocolate (my daughters know me well 🙂 ) and admiring my thyme plant.  Hope your Mother’s Day was full of lovely things.


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