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Dogs, ducks and elephants in Ealing


Ealing 135 Spring Fair Mini Gardeners stallHave finally done it.  After two years of procrastinating about selling gardening stuff for children, I dipped a toe in the water and had a stall at the Ealing 135 Group Spring Fair yesterday.  Spent the afternoon chatting to people about gardening (what’s not to love?) and lots of dog, duck and elephant watering cans have found happy homes in sunny Ealing.  It’s a big learning curve and my head is buzzing with ideas for how to do it so much better next time.  But right now I need to turn my attention to the fact that our house looks like a war zone and nobody has any clean clothes to wear because I’ve done nothing else for the past week.


2 thoughts on “Dogs, ducks and elephants in Ealing

  1. Oh well done! I think a lot of parents like the idea of gardening with their children but, if they’re not gardeners themselves, are wary of starting. Tools plus advice is a good confidence booster. It would be interesting to know which items sold well as you have a nice selection on your stall there!

    • Hi Caro, the watering cans and the hand tools for age 3+ were the best sellers. One of the highlights of the afternoon was listening to everybody’s gardening stories – fascinating!

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