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Bekonscot Model Village

If you’re ever anywhere vaguely near Buckinghamshire, we’d recommend a visit to the model village of Bekonscot in Beaconsfield.

First opened to the public in 1929 and allegedly the oldest model village in the world, it’s a quaint replica of an English village from the 1930s with a lot of humour thrown in. It has everything from churches, schools, hospitals, hotels and houses to a mine, circus, harbour and even a house on fire. A model railway runs throughout and the whole model village is packed with so much detail that you keep discovering new things the second, third and fourth times round.  A good venue for birthday outings – the Queen came to visit as a child on the eve of her 8th birthday.

Bekonscot model village

And the tenuous link with gardening? Well it has immaculately kept grounds and gardens with virtually everything in scale – dwarf conifers feature quite a lot.  I’ve been asked if we could turn our entire garden into a model village, much more exciting than a lawn and a few flower beds 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gardening in Miniature

  1. My children rescued a dried out dwarf conifer from my mother-in-law’s balcony on the strength of a visit to Bekonscot and now it is planted in a butler sink where it is occasionally chopped and watered (once every 6 months or so). You can imagine the state of the said shrub, but I am most definitely NOT allowed to bin it. “Look at my bonsai tree!” came the shout yesterday – it is, against all the odds, showing some new green growth on its brown crispy shoots. Looks like I’m stuck with it for a while longer then….

    • Having seen the video of your extremely well kept garden I can imagine how out of place the neglected bonsai conifer must look…..but very sweet that your children are so attached to it. You never know, it might grow on you 🙂

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