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Not for the squeamish

Look away now if you’re squeamish about worms….oops, too late!

worms at home in a wormery

Today we took delivery of a new batch of worms for our wormery. The last inhabitants drowned (please don’t report us to the RSPCA) because the rain cover blew off the wormery and hasn’t been seen since.

The worms arrived through the post in a plastic pot which rather alarmingly had “microwaveable” written on the lid. The picture above shows them just after they were introduced to their new home; for the avoidance of doubt, no microwaving was involved. Two minutes later they had burrowed into the bedding of moist compost and shredded paper.

Only two things left on the “to do” list now:

1. Sort out new rain cover (rain forecast tomorrow so no hanging around with this one)

2. Name them all (making good progress so far; William, Walter, Wayne, Wendy, Whitney, Winifred, Winston, Woody, Warren…. only 291 more to go.)

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A Grand Finale

miniature garden

It’s the last school gardening club session this week because the rest of term is taken up with sports days, summer fairs and general end-of-term activities.

We try to finish on a high with something fun that can be taken home – making grass heads is a favourite ending. But, inspired by a recent visit to a model village, this term’s grand finale was designing and making miniature gardens.

Top tips if you fancy trying this yourself:

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This is Modern Art

lawn modern art

In the late 90s there was a television series on Channel 4 called “This is Modern Art”.  I must have quite liked it because I bought the book accompanying the series (although I can’t remember ever reading it and it still looks pristine on the bookshelf all these years later).

But some of the series must have infiltrated my subconscious.  Because today, when I was constructing a bird-proof cover for some grass seed, I found myself getting a bit carried away and I’ve ended up with my own piece of modern art.

The bottom of our garden is flanked by mature trees and, as a result, a patch of lawn that rarely sees the sun has died.  So I reseeded (50% shady lawn seed, 50% hard wearing utility lawn seed in case you’re wondering) and spent the next few days watching the pigeons feasting on my efforts.

Armed with a few bamboo sticks and a ball of string I have constructed the only thing in the garden ever to have been described as “awesome” by my children.  As I write, it’s being used as an obstacle course and I’ve been asked if it can stay in the garden permanently (I fear it won’t last the evening at this rate).  So forget climbing frames, swingball, rope swings, trampolines and wendy houses; all you need to do is get yourself down to Tate Modern for a bit of inspiration.