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Ode to Summer

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fig tree (Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey')

Well, what a fabulous summer that was. The garden has had a distinctly mediterranean feel with plants that like hot, sunny climates doing especially well.

We have lots of figs (above). This is Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’, a birthday present this year and still in its pot to restrict the roots and improve yields. Not ripe yet but I live in hope.

grow your own grapes

These grapes are growing along a west facing fence. The vine was already here when we moved in so the cultivar is unknown. The grapes have to be fully ripe to be eaten otherwise they’re a bit tart. And there are always complaints from my daughters about the large seeds, unlike the seedless grapes they’re used to from the supermarket.

olive tree (Olea europaea)

We also have olives. I was very excited about these until I realised they’re not ripe and we’ll need to cure them if we harvest them like this. Which sounds like a lot of effort for a small number of olives, so maybe we’ll just continue to admire them on the plant.

chilli etna

And, unlike the olives, the chillies are ripening nicely.  This is ‘Etna’ so I have high expectations for its heat levels. I’ve also grown some milder chillies more suitable for childrens’ palates – ‘Peppino’ (available from Seeds of Italy) is particularly mild.


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