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Would You Eat Blue Celery?


I’ve been busy adding some projects to the website recently and in my quest for some good photographs, we’ve been recreating several of the projects at home.  Which means that our kitchen currently resembles a Blue Peter studio.

One of the projects that’s proving a bit tricky is the old celery-stems-in-food-colouring-experiment. We’ve tried this before, with varying levels of success.

This time we started with 3 stems of celery in 3 different jars of food colouring:

celery stems in food colouring experiment

And a few days later, there’s not much going on.  Some small patches of blue can be detected on the leaves if you look very closely:

celery stems in blue food colouring

And even worse; one casualty.  I think we can conclude from this that celery does not like out of date black food colouring:

celery in food colouring

Undeterred, we increased the concentration of food colouring in the remaining jars. A few more days of waiting and we were rewarded with some blue colour on the leaves (the red was noticable but not quite as dramatic):

celery with blue food colouring experiment

And some great staining of the xylem when we cut thin sections of the celery stem (oooh, it took me right back to the biology lab at school for a few seconds..):

sections of celery stem with stained xylem

Next up is the multicoloured-rose-petals project, as seen on Pinterest. Apparently very easly done (hmmm) by stripping the rose stem into several strands and placing each one in a different jar of food colouring. We like a challenge 🙂 Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there were no takers for the blue celery at lunchtime.


2 thoughts on “Would You Eat Blue Celery?

  1. I used to make ‘punk rock’ cupcakes with the kids when they were younger. Several bowls of neon glow icing would be used in the decoration of said cakes; the bright pink with red and orange splotches wasn’t too bad but the blue and lime green were always the last to go. Funny that. It’s kids built in aversion to green food! (unless you get them young enough to enjoy broccoli!)

    • I like the sound of your punk cupcakes 🙂 My sister had a friend whose mother coloured mashed potato with blue food colouring but I’m not rushing to try that one, call me conventional. Although – I’ve just remembered that you can grow potatoes with blue flesh, which is an entirely different matter.

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