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A Sunny Weekend in Pictures


delphinium seedling

Autumn sown delphinium seedlings enjoying the sun.

succulent leaf cuttings

Succulent leaf cuttings, allowed outside for the first time.


Foxgloves putting on good growth. Hoping for a good flower display this year.

crocus flowers

Striped crocus flowers.


Chionodoxa, otherwise known as glory-of-the-snow. No snow here as temperatures topped 18C.

patterned leaves

Beautifully patterned leaves.

willow mushroom sculptures

Giant mushrooms. Hope your weekend was warm and sunny.


2 thoughts on “A Sunny Weekend in Pictures

  1. Lovely to see spring is springing! It’s so worthwhile sowing a few seeds later in the season for overwintering, a lesson I’ve recently learned. I’d love to know how to propagate succulents, yours look really healthy and I’m never sure that I’m doing it right! Any chance of a post on this? 🙂

    • I’m a recent convert to autumn seed sowing too, it’s good to have a bit of a head start with a few plants each spring. I’m still very much a novice on succulent cuttings, lots of trial and error at the moment with some things working better than others! Will try and put together some thoughts on what seems to work soon..

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