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Chocolate mint, we love you

chocolate mint plant

If you see one of these plants in your local garden centre or plant nursery, grab it and run for the tills as fast as you can.

With the taste of After Eight Mints in each leaf, it’s one of our favourite plants.

Easy to grow and, like all mint plants, best confined to a pot so it doesn’t take over your whole garden.  Although if you’re a chocoholic that might not be a problem:)  Perfect eaten straight from the plant or with some vanilla ice cream on the side.

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Thyme for Mother’s Day

thyme mother's day gift

And in the very best Blue Peter tradition: here’s one I made earlier.

Just to be clear, I don’t normally make Mother’s Day gifts for myself. This pot of thyme was a prototype for a school gardening club session. And as I asked one of my daughters to write the gift tag, she decided I may as well have it on Mother’s Day.

So the school gardening session went well. There was a bit of gardening (repotting a plant into a larger pot), a spot of spelling (thyme not time on the plant label) and some life skills too (tying a bow, by far the hardest part – I blame velcro shoe fastenings).

And now I’m sat here on Mother’s Day wearing a handmade bracelet, eating home baked cookies with ENORMOUS chunks of chocolate (my daughters know me well 🙂 ) and admiring my thyme plant.  Hope your Mother’s Day was full of lovely things.