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Pest Explosion

We don’t usually have much of a problem with plant pests and diseases in our garden. There’s the odd bit of damage from a slug or snail from time to time but nothing else of note.

Until about a month ago that is, when all manner of pests decided to take up residence in our garden.

We now have lots of greenfly, several plant stems completely smothered with blackfly and then ….. we spotted these horrors on the hydrangea in the front garden.
scale insects in hydrangea leaf
I think they’re eggs of scale insects, although I’m happy to be corrected if someone knows otherwise. ┬áLike aphids, scale insects are sap-sucking pests and will weaken any plant they adopt as their home, as well as looking unsightly.

The hydrangea is completely covered in them so we may need to suspend our organic gardening principles just this once and resort to chemical warfare.